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we at the hotel motel holiday inn

248/366 We spent a quiet, rainy day at the hotel with Papa today. It was nice just to see his face for awhile, he’s been so busy this trip!

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poolside at burswood

101/366 Paradise! After multiple visits to the hotel and, despite much begging to go down,  being restricted to viewing the pool from the hotel room only,Papa finally had a free day to take you swimming. The weather was perfect, hot enough to temper the cold waters and allowing you to stay there all morning. You had a poolside lunch, […]

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89/366 Oh my goodness, is that eye contact? Smiling for the camera? What’s gotten into you, babygirl? I think it might be a bit of excitement shining through, knowing that Papa was on his way down to the hotel lobby to meet us. We loitered in the lobby for a fair while, waiting for him […]

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