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goodbye kiss

250/366 Sending Papa back to work in KL while we grab a few more precious days in Perth with everyone.

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189/366 Caught you lovin’ on Yai-ja today, made me smile. You’re always so affectionate, even as these back-chatty, cheeky old threes creep up on us. I’m gonna hold on to the hugs and kisses for as long as possible!

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161/366 It’s so nice to have Papa here with us now. You were so very happy when he walked through the door, taking a running leap into his arms and squeezing him as tight as your little ams would allow.

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the grandies

97/366 You are incredibly blessed to not only be loved by two sets of grandparents, but also by your Nan-nan, mummy’s Nanna. It warms my heart to see you together while at the same time a little¬†bittersweet, wishing that you could have met Bampa Charlie. Someday babygirl, someday ūüôā And a little bonus shot – […]

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love bug

7/366 Love bug. Cuddle monster. Kiss stealer. Snugglepot. That’s you. Forever showering your¬†favourite¬†people with¬†impromptu¬†kisses and never declining when asked for one. Go ahead and melt my heart, why don’t you.

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