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play dough: mummy’s nightmare

138/366 And this is why I have no love for play dough. But you do, and that is why the stuff still exists in our house.

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conversations in the basket

110/366 And just like that we were back in Singapore. I’m not entirely sure of the exact words exchanged here, but I think it went something along the lines of Belle Belle: “Up, please!” Poupée: “Huh?” Belle-belle: “I wanna be da baby in da basket!” And it continued along this vein as you attempted to […]

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papa brings the laughs

32/366 There’s no doubt about it, you are a real mummy’s girl. But when it comes to playtime, you know Papa’s the one to go to for all the fun.

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embracing the mess

15/366 This is what our living room looks like on any given day –  a mess of colour strewn across the floor, under the chairs and sometimes down the hall. A clean floor is like an open invitation that you simply can’t refuse, a blank canvas begging to have the contents of your toy boxes […]

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