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afternoon walks

I had to laugh when I saw babygirl walk into the cafe in the morning, fresh from a sleepover at Yai-ja & Bampa’s house, sporting Na Nampeung’s hat on her head. When we went for our afternoon walk, we had to stop every two or three minutes for her to pick up the hat as […]

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favourite place

243/366 Back to our favourite place again today. It was a last minute detour, where we sat eating chippies and teasing the seagulls before heading down for a sandcastle building session.

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just relaxing

242/366 I try to make the most of the amazing Perth weather when we’re back here – beach trips, river trips, playground visits galore. Each trip back sees me getting better at savouring the quiet, making an effort not to schedule too much into our days so that we can have more time to just […]

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hobart deli

233/366 A lovely, little lane way by the Hobart Deli where you were quite happily searching for butterflies and gathering flowers until I tore you away to go and catch up with Aunty Anthea. You were a little upset when we met with her and she told you that the baby in her tummy was a little boy. […]

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224/366 Back in your natural habitat – sun, surf and sand, sand, sand! Looking forward to being able to actually take you swimming in the ocean. Coming back in winter (and even spring and autumn), has meant that the water has been way too cold to take a dip. It’s never put a damper on your love […]

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144/366 As I watch you grow, lamenting the fact that it’s all happening too fast (you’re too big, you’re so grown-up!), there are moments in between when I look at you and am hit with the sudden realization of how small you are. The feeling that wells up in my chest – that combination of love, a […]

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