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140/366 Armani…or Versace..can’t quite remember which designer store along Orchard that this photo was taken in front of. I’m sure you’re enitrely unconcerned about which it is, as all you were interested in was running away from mummy and daddy!

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mother’s day

134/366 Today you and Papa took me out for a yummy mother’s day lunch and a little walk around Orchard. We don’t tend to make a big deal of all these occasions in our family, but it was nice to do something a little bit special today.

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valentine’s day

45/366 We headed into the city today for a little Valentine’s lunch date with Papa. After which we took a little stroll and the two of you treated mummy to an impromptu “ballet” (which equates to a lot of twirling and a little jumping) performance on the steps of Ion. It made your day.

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splish splash

43/366 As you strolled through Orchard today, you gravitated towards every single body of water you could find, kicking up a royal stink every time you were pulled away. We stopped at this one for awhile and let you have a splash around. I turned my back for one second only to find you sipping from […]

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