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a scene from a painting

 *iPhone only 363/366 We headed to the beach tonight with a packed dinner of grilled chicken and sticky rice in hand, to enjoy one of the glorious Perth sunsets that always seem to be up on offer at Cottesloe Beach. And what an amazingly glorious one it was tonight, too! Of course, I had to go and […]

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to lunch

331/366 You walked hand in hand with Papa, making jokes and teasing each other as we made our way to lunch. A seemingly mundane moment, so easily slipping by unnoticed in the everyday routine of life, but for this photo.

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hanging on

329/366 Those little arms wrapped around Papa’s neck just melt me. Another case of the “hangries”, where we’d made you wait a little too long for breakfast after having to leave the house super early for mummy’s ob. appointment.

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papa’s birthday

292/366 Somehow Mummy and Papa’s birthdays are becoming cause for special outings for you. Jackpot!

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little star

289/366 Look at you, like a little movie star being tailed by her bodyguard. No wonder people look at the photos I take of you and think you’re high maintenance! I promise you, you are anything but. We have been very blessed with how easy you are to handle. Sure, you have your moments like any kid, […]

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like father like daughter

280/366 Oh, it makes me laugh sometimes, how similar the two of you are. So many times I’ve captured photos of you together with exactly the same expressions on your faces. I don’t know how you manage to time it so well, but it’s happened more times than I can count! Definitely your father’s daughter 😉

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