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pedestrian crossing

278/366 We’re rather fortunate that there is a functioning, lighted pedestrian crossing here in our area. In a country where cars usually have right of way and pedestrians are expected to give way to oncoming traffic, this makes getting across the road to the shop lots with a little girl in tow much easier!

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pool time with papa

273/366 You can always count on Papa for a good ol’ dunking in the pool 🙂

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three generations

260/366 A quick trip to the little fishing town of Sepetang for what was supposed to be, according to Mah-Mah, the best chai kueh she’s ever had. Unfortunately  luck wasn’t on our side and the uncle didn’t show up with his wares today. We returned home empty handed, having enjoyed a fresh coconut, the view and the smell […]

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tired in taiping

259/366 Papa had his usual 5 am finish Taiping yum cha session, so we know he’s knackered. What’s your excuse, babygirl?

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goodbye kiss

250/366 Sending Papa back to work in KL while we grab a few more precious days in Perth with everyone.

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another day, another playground

249/366 Another day, another playground. You’re living the dream, babygirl!

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