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rock climbing

339/366 Clambering on the rocks, jumping to and from each one, you happily entertained yourself with stories of a land I wasn’t privy to. Unfortunately the play session had to be cut a bit shorter than you would’ve liked, due to the presence of, what felt to my legs like, a giant swarm of mosquitoes!

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coffee break

338/366 A little coffee break for the mummies, and a water break for you girls. All that playing is hard work!

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a beautiful mess

327/366 Babygirl, you sure do know how to make a mess, but it can be rather intriguing watching you construct your little world amongst that mess.

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this way!

326/366 Always on some kind of treasure hunt, beckoning for me to follow you through the ‘jungle’, down the path and past the giant spider, through the tunnel and onwards towards the treasure!

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cleaning is fun

316/366 It seems cleaning is only fun when you’re not really cleaning at all…more like making more mess!

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very early christmas present

313/366 You have had your eye on this La La Loopsy for awhile, thanks to the far reaching hand of advertising on youtube! I asked Yai-ja if you she could get it for you as A Christmas present and send it back with Papa. Of course being my daughter, you are already notoriously hard to […]

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