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*a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013 Pure abandonment.

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new year’s eve

366/366 The last day of 2012, and what a hot and muggy one it was! We grabbed some fish & chips and all headed down to the Applecross foreshore to enjoy the last sunset of the year. You were a little reluctant to head into the river sans bathers (sorry, mummy forgot…again!), but the cool […]

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a scene from a painting

 *iPhone only 363/366 We headed to the beach tonight with a packed dinner of grilled chicken and sticky rice in hand, to enjoy one of the glorious Perth sunsets that always seem to be up on offer at Cottesloe Beach. And what an amazingly glorious one it was tonight, too! Of course, I had to go and […]

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 *a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013 My little beach babe. She embraced the beach for all it is, this summer back in Perth. No longer just confined to the expanse of sand, she ventured into the waves and declared it “the real one!”. As opposed to the river and […]

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hello, 2013!

*snippets of summer I’m finally back in the land of blogging, deliciously behind on posting my Project 366 (now completed, big round of applause please!), and toting a new photo project for 2013 – a Project 52. A portrait of the babygirl, once a week, every week, for this year. So I shall be catching up […]

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beach baby

253/366 Where else would we be on our last day in Perth, but Cottesloe Beach? We headed there on a whim after lunch and even though you were fading by sunset, we hung around to watch the last of the sun’s rays dip below the ocean line. As usual it was a beautiful Perth sunset, […]

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