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side glance

227/366 I snuck this shot in as you two were watching a cartoon. I think it was Seefood? Not sure what was happening in that particular scene, but the look of incredulousness on your faces in that second shot, especially yours, just makes me laugh.

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224/366 Back in your natural habitat – sun, surf and sand, sand, sand! Looking forward to being able to actually take you swimming in the ocean. Coming back in winter (and even spring and autumn), has meant that the water has been way too cold to take a dip. It’s never put a damper on your love […]

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cottesloe beach

91/366 One our favourite Perth spots and always on our list of ‘must visits’ on our trips back, especially in your books. Although, you would probably be happy at any beach really. Sand and some water is all you need for hours of fun. You would sit here and play all day if you could, not concerned […]

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underwater world sentosa

64/366 We went on a little excursion today to the far ends of Sentosa Island. It was hot, hot, hot and terribly sticky. But none of that made its way into your memory banks – all you could talk about when we got home was going back to see the seals and the dolphins and the monster […]

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good year

Ahhhhh, 2012. Hello 🙂 It feels good to bask in your light, to feel the weightlessness that comes with a new year. 2011 was…ok but 2012, you feel good on me. I think we’re going to get along. We ushered you in with a midnight dip (feet only coz the water was too cold – […]

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