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*a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013 Taking a break in the KL shopping precinct. Probably not the best place to be sitting down and chilling out but also, probably not the worst! Loving from last week – beautiful light, beautiful eyes, & a beautiful little girl. Linking up with […]

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to market, to market

324/366 We waited for a lull in the rain and quickly headed downstairs to the veggie truck to buy some things for dinner. You went prepared, with your own bag on your arm, coins inside to buy whatever we needed.

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little shoplifter

296/366 Posing proudly with your first stolen goods :/ Of course, you didn’t realize what you’d actually done. You simply followed your friend in picking up a posy of lollipops as her mum approached the counter to pay for hers. I didn’t notice until we’d travelled far from the the store and, having experienced a rather embarrassing incident wherein I […]

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271/366 Making our way to the grocery store, in style!

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beauty is in the eye of the beholder

255/366 First day home and we took a walk down to the shops for some fridge restocking. As we walked into the shopping centre, you exclaimed to me “Look mummy! It’s the most beautiful thing!!”. I looked around and wasn’t sure what ‘beautiful thing’ you were referring to, so I asked you “What is it, […]

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toilet humour

226/366 Popped into Harbourtown today to look for some new ‘boops’ for you (with which you were mightily pleased, may I add), and of course had to make a pit stop for a coffee before heading home. I’m pretty sure there was a little (whole heap of!) toilet humour being thrown about when I took […]

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