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70/366 Home again. A hospital bracelet and a lingering virus-induced lethargy. All remnants of a night sooner forgotten.

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the hardest thing

69/366 After a really tough night, we ended up at Mount Alvernia hospital this afternoon. Your chest was tight, your breathing shallow and you were very, very miserable. Bronchitis strikes again. The doctor recommended hourly nebulizer treatments and the hospital. To say it was hard to see you like that would be an understatement. It […]

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laying low

68/366 You were nursing a little cold today, so we stayed in and vegged on the couch in PJs, watching Ice Age and laughing at the little squirrel’s antics. Unfortunately all the resting up we did wasn’t enough to stave off another round of bronchitis, and this picture here is probably the happiest you were […]

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taking a moment

13/366 Did I say yesterday was long? What do I know? If yesterday was long, then last night was a marathon of epic proportions, an infinite loop of miserable, the kind I’ve never seen from you before. A visit with the doctor this morning brought you face to face with your first nebulizer treatment, something […]

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under the weather

*photo courtesy of Papa 12/366 Post-breakfast. Head on mummy’s shoulder, fingers entwined in my hair (your own personal lovie), it was only 9 am and you were already flagging. Today was a long one, babygirl. A lot of coughing and a nose like a faucet, interspersed with games that mummy just couldn’t seem to get […]

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