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very early christmas present

313/366 You have had your eye on this La La Loopsy for awhile, thanks to the far reaching hand of advertising on youtube! I asked Yai-ja if you she could get it for you as A Christmas present and send it back with Papa. Of course being my daughter, you are already notoriously hard to […]

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263/366 One of the best purchases we ever made for you – Lego (or rather Duplo, as I don’t quite fancy picking tiny bits of Lego from between every crack and crevice just yet, which I know is bound to happen with your supreme talent for mess making!). It keeps you occupied for days on end, taking […]

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phantom socks

213/366 Now I know where the matching pairs to all of Papa’s socks have been disappearing to!

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188/366 We saved one last box from the move just for you and made you your very own ‘wocket’. It’s kept you occupied for a good couple days now!

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big girl room

184/366 You’ve finally got your very own room and you are rather taken with the idea. Doesn’t exactly mean that you love it in practice though. 2 am last night still found you wandering groggily into our room and reaching for  hand up into bed with mummy and Papa. Truth be told, I don’t really […]

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177/366 We popped into our new place to set up a few things today. You were over the moon already to be in your own space, add to that the fact that mummy cracked out a pot of playdough and you were in seventh heaven!

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