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summer showers

  362/366 Helping Yaich water the garden. Although I think there was a bit more playing and shrieking going on than actual helping 😉

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just relaxing

242/366 I try to make the most of the amazing Perth weather when we’re back here – beach trips, river trips, playground visits galore. Each trip back sees me getting better at savouring the quiet, making an effort not to schedule too much into our days so that we can have more time to just […]

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surrounded by love

225/366 It was cold and wet today (a lovely change from the heat and humidity of Asia) and so we were cooped up inside on the couch with cups of tea and the tv going. Indoors isn’t usually your scene, but you were pretty happy wedged up there on the couch between Yai-ja and Bampa, […]

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223/366 Basking in the winter sun, breathing in the crisp air, and having a little grump that your perfect moment is being marred by the presence of a camera. *photo courtesy of Na Namkarng

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201/366 Skyping with Yai-ja. Would have nice been nice if Bampa and Yai-ja had got their acts together and managed to come together this time! Maybe next visit, but for now I guess it’s thank goodness for technology.

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189/366 Caught you lovin’ on Yai-ja today, made me smile. You’re always so affectionate, even as these back-chatty, cheeky old threes creep up on us. I’m gonna hold on to the hugs and kisses for as long as possible!

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